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The following document is a handbook I produced for a training conference I spoke at in New Hampshire in September 2013. The audience was made up of people working for or in relation to Innovation for Poverty Action, my employer. The full pdf can be found after the following introduction:

Like it or not, the work that we undertake for IPA involves a huge amount of time in front of our Lenovo machines. For some this is a pleasure, for others a chore. Some of us coming to IPA will be tech savvy. Some (like me) will be Luddites. Before leaving for Bangladesh to work for IPA I was given an iPad by my family, and it spent the first three weeks of its life with me in the box under the bed. 12 months later I had just completed my first serious computer program, that I believe has saved my project hundreds of man hours. The point of this anecdote is simply to demonstrate that programming can be done by anyone, and, given how working with computers is ubiquitous, there can be major benefits for everyone.


Intro to Programming with Python

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